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The Greater Manchester Police will again host several LEVA classes in 2018.

Level 3, “Photographic Video Comparison” will be held the week of April 16-20.

Level 4, “Advanced Forensic Video Analysis & the Law” will be conducted twice in July. That is due to this class holds a maximum of sixteen students. The courses will run July 16-20 and the second July 23-27.

Specifics on these classes and all LEVA classes can be viewed by clicking the TRAINING tab at the top and select Upcoming Training Events.

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Another sold out LEVA Level 1 class graduated after successfully completing the course. The latest hosted by the Seattle Police Department.

Our congratulations to each of them!

The next Level 1 is in Miami later in August.  Click HERE for details

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LEVA Level 2 Students taking the written exam.
LEVA Level 2 Students taking the written exam.

After successfully completing the Level 2 class in Manchester, England, “Digital Multimedia Evidence Processing”, LEVA conferred Forensic Video Technician certification to 35 students representing various UK agencies.

The LEVA instruction team of Scott Kuntz, Ed Baker, Larry Compton and David (Spready) Spreadborough were warmly welcomed by students who hope to attend the LEVA Level 3 and 4 courses next year.

John Kennedy, LEVA’s International Strategies Program Manager based in the UK, said, “This is another significant step for the UK’s forensic video and imaging communities to, not only participate in this marvelous training, but to continue developing a robust network for professional collaboration.”

For information on LEVA training, email Mr. Jan Garvin, LEVA Executive Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Since the previous two LEVA Level 1 and 2 classes sold out well before their start dates, LEVA has added another of these classes. They represent the final Levels 1 and 2 for 2017. 

A LEVA Level 1 class, “Forensic Video Analysis & the Law”, will be held in Miami, Florida the week of August 21-25 and hosted by the Miami-Dade Police Department. Click HERE for details.

A LEVA Level 2 class, “Digital Multimedia Evidence Processing”, will be held in Nashville, Tennessee the week of August 28 – September 1 and hosted by the Nashville Metro Police Department. Click HERE for details.

Direct any questions to LEVA Executive Director Mr. Jan Garvin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Click to view photo gallery.
Dean Brown checks work of Emily Marriott and Robert Mantle
Alex McFetrich discusses process with Pep Muzondo
David (Spready) Spreadborough reviews a project with Nicola Reeve
Guy Gozem, QC, led legal instruction
Jane Wallace and Jeff Weeks watch media clip
Lisa Simpson reviews media sample
Mark Safranauskas and Mark Saint preparing for practical exam
Martyn Weightman and Bob Wong focusing on project
MT Brown(center) and Chris Lowrey listen to Shaun Maidment
Paul Rees
Sally O'Keefe and Emi Polito checking notes

Forty students representing sixteen UK police agencies successfully completed LEVA’s Level 1 course. The five-day class was hosted by the Greater Manchester Police.

John Kennedy, LEVA's International Strategies Program Manager, has long advocated for these classes in the UK.  He hosted several as far back as 2004.  "This is quite a remarkable achievement for all," he remarked, "especially for the those in the UK who have long awaited for this high quality of training in the science of forensic video analysis."  He concluded, "LEVA is a first-class global training resource and its instructors are keen to gladly share their insights, experiences and superb technical skills."

Andy Bean of West Yorkshire Police cited “This course took us to a whole other level!” His reaction was like many even though they had been doing CCTV collection and / or video processing for quite some time.

Mark Davies of Nottinghamshire Police noted, “This is my 12th year in this field of work. I have worked as a technician, a supervisor of technicians and now essentially a department manager.” Mark attended with three colleagues from Nottinghamshire. “We concluded that it is an invaluable course to anyone dealing with Digital Multimedia Evidence.” He urges others “to wake up to the importance of having properly trained staff” in the science of forensic video analysis. He concluded, “Whenever your organisation visits the UK, I will push very hard to find funding for as many more staff as possible.”

Donna Hirst, supervisor with Thames Valley Police, remarked, “We were all very impressed with the course, the content and the skill, knowledge and delivery of the trainers. It’s about the only training we ever had that is so specific and relevant to our business area.”

The Level 2 course will be held in May again hosted by the GMP. It is full. More courses will be scheduled and conducted including Levels 3 and 4.

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