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Early in 2016 LEVA migrated to an entirely online membership system.

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For additional information please review this post or feel free to contact Susan Krawczyk, LEVA Executive Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Associate Member

Category Requirements

An Associate member may be any individual not qualifying for membership under the Public Safety categories, whose experience, professional or educational credentials, organizational affiliations, or other unique circumstances, makes his/her membership appropriate for the good of the organization. Retired Public Safety members will also fall under the Associate Membership. Such individuals may be approved for membership by the Board based upon a specific purpose, case, or situation at hand. Individuals approved for membership under the provisions of this section shall not have the right to vote or hold office.

Career Change Member - applicants must prove by documentation and validation to the Executive Secretary they are currently in a career position not associated with the processing of video or audio evidence or associated with the sales, marketing and development of video or audio forensic applications. 

Student and/or Career Change Member - For purposes of this section, A Student and/or Career Change Member shall be:

  1. Any full time college student at an accredited college with a major in a forensic science related field or law enforcement.
    1. To be considered as an applicant, a person must be a full-time student taking 12 or more semester hours/cred its or the equivalent in quarter hours/credits for undergraduate study and at least 9 semester hours/credits or the equivalent in quarter hours/credit for graduate study.
    2. Applicants must include a letter or transcript from their education institution stating the number of credits currently being taken. The words “full-time student” will not suffice
  2. Membership in this category will allow members to attend LEVA course under the Education rate.

Associate members, who are considered to be ‘in good standing’ with LEVA, shall receive the same benefits as Public Safety members, but may be limited to particip ation of any unrestricted organizational activities. ‘In good standing’ shall be defined as having applicable membership fees paid and membership status up to date.

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